2023 Seasonal Gift Guide 🎁

2023 Seasonal Gift Guide 🎁

Believe it or not it's winter season! A tropical winter season that is. The time has come to share this year's Seasonal Gift Guide. Even though any time should be a good time for giving, worldwide it's known that winter is the season for giving. So we've compiled our top 6 favorite items that we know would be the perfect gift for your loved one.

1. LIP Leather Wallets 

New to our shop are these handcrafted real leather wallets made in collaboration with ACME. Perfect size to store cash and cards with all its 7 pockets. It's an everyday essential. Both colors beige or brown go with absolutely everything. It's sleek, stylish and a classic look. 


2. Summer Pattern Tote Bag

The tropical elements make this bag wearable all year round. Truly a versatile piece. You can wear it to the beach, to the coffee shop around the corner, or on a night out. You choose dress it up or dress it down. It fits anything you need.


3. Classic Long Sleeve Tee

Our Cassic Long Sleeve Tee never goes out of style. Thats why we had to bring it back this year. Being a lightweight long sleeve makes it perfect to wear to the beach, keeping you cool and covered from the sun. Also look great when you through it over a bikini. 


4. Classic Dad Hat 

Looking for a statement pieces that's also classic? We recommend of Classic Dad Hat in the color Ferrari Red. This hat fits most people perfectly, sense it has an adjustable trap. And you can also match it to the Classic Long Sleeve Tee.


5. Sun And Wave Tank Top

Available both for him and her. Something you can really enjoy wearing during this tropical winter season.


6. Sun And Wave Beach Bucket Hat

Protect your loved ones from the sun by gifting them the Sun and Wave Beach Bucket Hat. Wear it snapped or unsnapped, both ways look great. Its cream color makes it go perfect with any outfit. 


So for this season give a gift that matters. No doubt one or more of these items will make your loved ones day! And remember there's no better time to give than the present 🎁

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