On February 10th 1997, Kenneth J. Castro was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Raised in the Caribbean, the island lifestyle was all he knew. Sometimes whishing he was born in a different place. Not having a lot growing up, he learned to appreciate the little things in life and learned to love where he came from. From a very young age art became his creative outlet. With painting, photography and digital art becoming his passions. In college he studied Tourism and Graphic Design, graduating with high honors in January 2018.

On December 2020, Kenneth created some stickers and decided to sell them to his friends and people he knew. Having an incredible reaction and selling out, people started to ask him when would he be doing shirts. Not being his original plan, though he thought it was a good idea. He continued to make more stickers and selling them, and started design some shirts. On April 31, 2021 he was ready to launch the official brand. Having the website, two t-shirt designs, stickers, pins and original art. 


Summer of 2018, Kenneth decide to create a YouTube channel dedicated to local travel vlogs. Where he would share his adventures and discoveries around Puerto Rico. He would show new places and invite people to visit them. For this channel he came up with the name "Lost in Paradise". A name he thought perfectly described what the videos were about. Sense in most videos he would get lost and discover a new hidden gem in well... PARADISE. 

The stickers first created by Kenneth were inspired by his YouTube channel, that was inspired by the adventures you have on an island. Staying on brand with the channel and the first stickers, he decided to make the brand inspired by the puertorican lifestyle. Also making this new project something that represents where he is from. He thought about different names for the brand, but the only one he kept on going back to was "Lost in Paradise". It just made sense. No other name described what the brand is about like "Lost in Paradise".


Puerto Rico is a Beautiful island. Not just only for vacationing but also for living. It is truly like living in paradise. And we want everyone to know this, not only people around the world but the people who live right here on the island. We choose to focus on the positive and only the good. Puerto Rico has so much to offer, from destinations, culture, experiences, adventures, and history. Lost in Paradise invites you to explore all of these things.

With putting positivity first we take on a big challenge. We want to help our community and create opportunities for our people by exposing local artists and offering employment. We want to give the youth in the island another option. An option that shows them they can stay in Puerto Rico and grow alongside the island.